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Interactivity is key to most of this material. Don't forget to run the cursor over any gaps in the text, coloured text, unlabelled diagrams and other links in the text or margin...... More explanation is available.
This page leads to menus to other sections of the site: panels on either side, and the drop-down menus like the one above give access to all the main biological topics.

Last updated 18/06/15
My most recent activity has been an ongoing campaign to make classic units and other popular pages work better with 'high end' mobiles: some responsive design patches, and a few units have got new dropdown menus.
Still some work to do, though!
Please let me know if there are any pages giving problems with your phone ...

Rather busy with exam marking at the moment so don't expect much change!
howlersHowlers - 27 pages!
(a few additions from 2014)
Latest topics: Teixobactin (3-D molecule file) - the answer to antibiotic resistance? - and more about the background to the discovery of teixobactin - mentioned in the BBC Panorama TV programme Antibiotic Apocalypse.

Virus diseases extended with images - now including Ebola;
New (molecules) file: Stevioside and updated file: Artificial sweeteners

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