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A process of illumination!

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It is possible to find out the weight of magnesium before being burned.

Atoms are made up of protons, electrons and newtons.

Al Chemy was a man who discovered chemistry.

Test for a chloride, a sulphate and a night rate.

We tried to dissolve mable in water.

We used a filter to separate the purities from the impurities.

We heated it under a Bunsen burner.

The same thing happens when you add acid to an alkie.

In the flame test, concentrated acid is used so cation is necessary.

Magnesium sulphate (also known as Epson salts)

After burning the magnesium, I had a white ass.

We worked it out by a process of illumination.

1 mole of a substance contains a number of particles called the avocado number.

When heating aluminium, the end fell off before I felt anything.

....the element Argos in the air.....

We held the crucible with our tongues.

We held the crucible with our thongs.

The liquid smelt like nail vanish.

If the cold water managed to reach the hot test-tube, it would blow up. That is what the Bunsen valve was designed for.

Whilst heating potassium permanganate, we heard a poping noise.

Only the outside of the inside of the copper foil went black.

Our teacher did some exiting dangerous experiments.

We released the acid onto the marble chips which then went out of the sidearm.

Later an element Geranium was found to be just as Mendeleev had predicted.

In water, sodium only burns when stationery on paper.

The teacher lit the Bunsen burner with a tapir.

Chalk rubs off on the board but wood wood'ent.

Rock salt is dug up in Chelsea.
Rock salt is dug up in Chestshire.

The liquid felt cold and after removing my finger it got colder and colder.

We stirred the thermometer and read the temperature.

We added ascetic acid.

Crude oil is a vicious substance.

The unknown knob on the balance is not really unknown, I just don't know what it is for.

Man has made about 10 man-made elements.

We had to see if ether a substance burnt or if there was anything left.

One famous man who looked into air was Joseph Priestley.

Priestley used a magnifying glass to magnify the sun.

When a smouldering ailment is placed into oxygen it forms an oxide.

After we saw it heat we had to see how it evaporated by pouring it into a glass rod, and yes it did disintegrate by a bit.

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