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Stored food is used up to produce organs of fermentation.

Measurements of the length, breath and mass of the maggot should be made. see how long a maggot took to turn into a pupil...

The functions of the skeleton .... to protect the venerable organs.

Teeth called morlars are used for grinding food.

Food is moved along the intestine by a protein called peristalsis.

The results of the experiment are bets expressed in a table.

In the Biology lesson we talked about biol which is produced in the liver.

Different species of Mucor feed on humerus-rich soil.

Pine is an example of a carnivorous tree.

To measure the growth of the larva, an accurate fin measurement ruler is needed.

Eggs pass down the oval duct.

Female mammals have memory glands.

Male mammals have eternal sexual organs.

Reproduction is the process by which an orgasm is made by 2 or 1 parent organisms.

After mating, the earthworms split.

Earthworms can be recognised by their non-existent hard skeleton.

Earthworms may only see another earthworm every 5 years because they have no eyes.

Potatoes are tubas.

Pollination is the exchange of pollen from the antler to the stigma.

Plant groups... moses...algy..

The hole of Britain is covered by temperate forests.

After 10 days, the stickleback fries hatch.

Incests have 6 legs.

Cheek cells should be scrapped from the lining of the mouth with a septic stick or a knife or razor blade.

An advantage of an organism having both sexual and asexual reproduction in its life-cycle: twice as much reproducing.

Food enters the elementary canal at the buckle cavity.

The female reproductive system .... the virgina .. the whom...

The penis becomes erect due to abnormal blood in it.

Mammals can gain heat by going to a hot place, e.g. the sun.

Pea plants have root modules.

Now that preservatives have been introduced, the life expectancy of food is much longer.

Sating is a very old method of food conservation.

Polo bears are mammals of the arctic regions.

Animals execrate their waste materials.

Cells are what animals are made of and they perform the smallest tasks.


When an animal grows its cells divide and it becomes more intellectual.

Frogs have webbed feet for swimming but, like ducks, these are fine to walk on.

If teeth are not cleaned, plague is the result.

Starch is stored in root tumours.

The mallet duck.

Puffins use their beaks for reproduction.

The honey buzzard needs claws to hold itself on the mountain sides.

Pelicans can store large amounts of fish in pouches bellow their beak.

The atora carries blood..

The pyloric splinter lets food out of the stomach.

The epididymis prevents food going the wrong way.

Lions and giraffes live on the planes of Africa.

The adder is a poisonous snack.

Freelance eggs are more natural than battery-produced ones.

Parents' own words!

I am sorry that my son is late in handing in his homework. Yesterday morning when he had to hand it in, he had to go to hospital with his foot. He has brought it with him this morning.
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