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Dispersal is when seeds are spread to a wilder radius.

Zooplankton are tin animals in the sea.

Souplankton are the food of many marine animals.

The study of plants is called bottomy.

Excretion - getting rid of waist from the body.

...animal fats, especially diary foods....

Pasteur knew that the vapour would condense inside the flask, and dew to the consequent reduction in pressure, air would be drawn in.

Nerves carry impulses to the brian.

Amoeba's outer layer is called the electroplasm.

When we get hot, we feel sweety.

The yellow spot in your eye is your colour sense organ.

A stalk's bill is very large.

Hospital ENT department: ear noise and thought

The heat pumps blood round the body.

Seeds are sewed into the soil.

Water is taken up by tree routes.

A condom prevents seamen entering the vagina.

A condom keeps male and female apart.

Biomass - the mass of an organism excluding the bone

The outer covering is a good way to classify living things because it splits fairly evenly.

We made a temperamental slide preparation.

Chlorophyll turns sunlight into energy.

An organelle is a female organ.

Worms react by instinked.

Yeast is used to make alcoholic drinks and bears ...

.... carbon dioxide makes the head of the bear ...

The function of the hops is for the head ..

When a cell divides, it spits into 2.

The egg passes along the ovy ducks ...

... as they move along the sperm ducked to the end of the penis

... a small squirt comes out of the penis

Off course, you don't have to have sex in the first place.

IUD: inter urine device .. inter urinal divide

Q Why can you only speak when breathing out?
A because you are getting rid of words

Q What do deep-sea divers use to overcome the bends?
A a depression chamber

Q Why do humans have 2 sets of teeth?
A Because the baby feeds from the breast, it must have soft teeth until it needs to chew.

Plants excretiate oxygen

Muscles make your air stand up

In the skin we have sweet glands

After a transplant, they check to see if the body has excepted the new organ

The culinary artery ..

Blood carries away the heart from the muscles

Soil nutrients are removed by leeches, and are washed through the soil

Q Why are latin names often used in classification?
A Because it is a language not seen every day.

Sugar gives food a sweat flavour

Biologists find out the size of a population of animals by eating samples.

The small bones in the ear are called icicles.

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