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Teeth called insizers ... Invertical discs ...The culinary artery

Elementary canal ... Egg cells or over ... Crevix

Special sex cells - gay mates ...

Ball and socked joint

Parts of skin ... paws

We saw how much of the quadrat was covered by bear earth.

The population rose because less were dying due to improvements in medicine.

Differences between arteries and veins:
- Veins go all round the body but arteries only go to certain parts of the body
- Veins carry blood quicker

Carnivores prefer meat and have a better smell.

Frost byte Areboic respiration Osmosses Bonny fish

One method of contraception .. cut off penis (pre Bobbit)

Water from boar holes

The image hits the eye upside down.

The iris reduces in size to let the image in.

The yellow spot adds colour to the image.

The retina reflects the image out of the eye.

The soil becomes less fertile due to lack of humerus.

(Genetic) disease may be in the parents' jeans.

A mutation is .. when something is genetically floored ..
.. a mistake with chromosomes

Body building food .... protons

Lack of iron causes ammonia.

We carried out an investigation of the factors affecting pulse rate in coffee.

Animals do not have mitosis as animals do. They don't have it at all.

The gestation period is the time during which the mother carries her baby.

Causes of world starvation .. creating desserts

Chemicals which might cross the placenta and harm the developing baby: ... smoke ... tobacco ... cigarettes

If the leaf was too thick, carbon dioxide would take too long to defuse .... [same pupil] .... In the test we did not use pure ethanol because it would cost a bomb

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