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Summer 1995 HOWLERS

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Animals with backbones are spiney

Amphibia have limbs which are handy for swimming

Amphibia outnumber the human population because when they mate thousands of sex cells are made

Animals like humans only have hair in certain places

Bone in the arm: the humus - the humour

Found in joints: synoptic fluid

Nerve impulses pass along - the spiral cord - spinal colon

Parts of the brain: mudulla - cerebum

Mammals are covered with fir

Functions of a root hair cell:

- shows what direction for the plant to travel downwards

- moves and changes shape

- lets in light

- pokes plant so it grows downwards

Cellulose gives plants their green colour

Chloroplasts provide food for photosynthesis

When the temperature falls, the sweat glands produce sweat which warms up the body

Animals that eat grass only have one set of incisors at the bottom

Humans need 2 sets of teeth because they are small and have short roots

Sugar can cause fillings

Fibre - keeps the bowls healthy - cleans out the bolles

Q If food additives like salt and sugar are removed from food, what must consumers do?
A Keep the salt and sugar level

If the chiffchaffs in the food chain died, the number of bluetits would increase because of the deceased competition for food

The bacterium Escherichia coil

Acid rain corrodes metal and the ozone layer

Benedict's test ... for producing sugar

Birth pains !

The birth of a baby begins at intercourse

After the first signs of pregnancy, she will now feel it necessary to go to the doctor and if positive then the 9 months have started

During the birth of a baby, first of all the mother becomes pregnant... later her hips will dislocate

The baby turns round in the womb so that the heat comes out of the vagina

When the woman goes into labour, a housewife helps

Contractions develop which are greater than the uterus

Birth is in 2 parts: firstly the delivery of the head, then the body

After 9 months the baby is born, exciting the mothers body

The mother experiences labour pains because the baby is turning itself round and getting in position for its head first exit

After the baby is born - the Fallopian tube is cut

- the uterus is expelled

Q Why does a woman who is breast-feeding need calcium?
A To build up her breasts

Function of the ovaries - to keep the woman aware of her body
- to release eggs ever so often

The testes is (sic) the only place where the body temperature is hot and the testes are cooler than the rest of the body

In puberty, hair develops

- round the gentile area

- on the legs, and in females they usually save it off

- between nose and mouth

Defects of vision

Light is reflected

- off the cornea - off the lens - off the retina - to the brain

The object is seen through the retina

The white spot has no vision, as there are no rods or cones

The retina picks up the object

The lens and cornea bend the view, and the retina helps sort out the muddle

The cornea reverses the object and sends it to the brain

It lets light in through the pupil that goes through the lens to the retina

The object is passed through and on to the cornea which inverses the object and sends it to the brain

In the light our eyes can be smaller

In dark light the lens contracts, and the pupils swell up

In low light, the iris moves outwards

The light passes through the ciliary muscles which make the major deflection of the light to the retina, then the lens makes a small adjustment so that it is perfectly in line

The first thing is that the vision passes through the pupil, the message is reversed and sent to the sides of the eye

The eye contains liquids which keep it moist

(Attached to each hair) a rector muscle

... this allows blood to be radiated out of the face ....

when sweating ....sweat evaporates and releases heat in your face ...

Q Why is it better to manage some wilderness areas for colonisation by wild animals, rather than domesticated animals?
A(1) They will be more relaxed and so their meat will be better.
A(2) This will result in a stable source of food.

Elodea - an aqueous plant

When weed looked at the seeds ......

A mung bean is a small green seed the size of a pea only smaller.

My conclusion : seeds defiantly (definitely) need water

A seed may lose the power to grow and so become non variable (non viable)

In this experiment we had to study the germination of Petri dishes.

I took a straw and blue into the green liquid till it changed colour

There is less air in hilly and monotonous regions

In a cross breeding experiment: first you take a flower with a strong cent

Bees do not have coloured eyesight

Seeds grow towards the light

If fewer seeds had been planted they would have had more space and temperature

Skinned milk

Ring shaped sphinx muscle

Herbivores eat botanic meats

We started at the top of the hill and transgressed into the boggy area

Cercariae emerge from the birth pope

Flowers at the back of the border can grow a few feet

Due to its high boiling point, water exists as a liquid on this plant, so it is not lost into space

Water provides a habit for aquatic organisms

Newts have longer tales than frogs

The dog rose has spiky steams

Mammals' ears have eternal flaps

Bees help flowers to grow which make oxygen so they help us breathe in the end

Disease caused by a fungus: athlete's food

Flies are mad sterile by irradiation

Mutant flies can mate happily with the wild flies, preventing the offspring living

Chicken spread Salmonella by their faces

Part of a bee hive: bread chamber

Influenza .. caused by the flue virus

This control method dose not attack the disease

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