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Actual quotations!

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These trees are called deciduous because they lose their leaves as dogs lose their hair

Latin was the main langwedge when protozoa were probably round and it has stuck

We eat through our moths

The water we added was not pacific

Chest pains called anigma

Arteries have a thin inner tube

Result of eye damage .... vision would go fussy

When the polar ice caps melt, the sea will be closer to fresh water

If disinfectant is added (put down the toilet), at the sewage works the sewage would be cleaner

Sperms move around using their tales

Eggs keep stationery

Molluscs are insects with only one foot

Changes in caffeine levels simulate the heart

After doing the experiment (on the effects of coffee) it is possible that I was no more awake than before

After puberty, girls change their hair and boys do too

On Monday we put the Petri dishes in the incubator, and on Thursday we connected them

Lack of vitamin A causes bad eye site

Anaemic acids are components of proteins

Stomach ulcers do not heal because of the continental attack of gastric juices

Most of the time the epiglottis is flopping in time with the lungs

TVP (textured vegetable protein) is a mean substitute


Bluebells' roots collect water in the ground that falls before the big trees

Washing powder containing enzymes must not be used at high temperatures because it will make the clothes run

Diabetes is caused by
- a high colestral diet
- lack of sugar in the liver

Function of the sperm nucleus

- it gives a sense of magnetism (drawn together)

- it is the thinking part of the sperm

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