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Howlers - Summer 99

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After fertilisation 2 gametes join together and decide vital factors about the child.

After fertilisation the egg is more protected.

In a dark place the eye has to be bigger.

In dark light the pupil gets bigger.

The rib cage is further away from the lungs when breathing in than when breathing out.

The rib cage supports the lungs

The rib cage creates a constant area for the lungs to work in.

The rib cage prevents the lungs from expanding beyond a certain point

The rib cage prevents the lungs from becoming abnormally shaped.

The rib cage moves giving the lungs space to get as much oxygen as they need.

At 0C some enzymes would have died from the cold.

The enzymes reacted with the agar and could not fight it so clear zones were formed.

Saliva contains enzymes which breed on starch.

In a marathon race, when you are gasping for breath, anaerobic respiration gives you this breath.

Aerobic RespirationAnaerobic respiration
sweating through the skinexcretion through air
small cellslarge cells
when muscles respire with breathing and sweatingmuscles do it themselves within the body
when oxygen is given offwhen it obtains oxygen
using up oxygenusing up energy

Sex differences at puberty:
Girls tend to have wider hips and less puberty
whereas boys grow taller and have lots of puberty

Function of the fallopian tubes: to curry eggs

A hand lens is a magnified glass.

A hand lens makes objects bigger.

Fungi are not classified as plants because they are a mixture of categories.

Disadvantages of asexual reproduction:
You do not choose when you want to reproduce.
You don't have sex.
You have to do it by yourself.
They reproduce too quickly.

Test for carbon dioxide:
Try to breathe it - if you can it is positive.

Label to uterus - where the baby normally if pregnant is

When the zygote is formed, each character from the male and female are muddled up and form the embryo.

The mother will have saw breasts because the mammary glands are getting ready to produce milk.

Puberty - when girls start to grow hair.

Function of the ear (besides hearing):
cooling the brain
keeping us balanced.

Fertilisers help the soil which goes up the roots of the crop.

Crops become poor because the soil gets exhausted.

The most worms are in the middle sample, the fewest are at the bottom.

Process removing carbon dioxide from air: breathing in

Nitrifying bacteria turn into nitrogen.

stop the blood flowing away from the heart
stop the blood flowing back to the heart
stop too much air entering the blood

The baby rolls around inside the mother so its head is at the bottom

The ball of cells travels through the uterus and into the womb.

Mother's food and drink travel down the umbilical cord.

Insects belong to the anthropoid phylum.

Insects are decease carriers

There are three bees in a colony.

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