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Howlers - Autumn & Christmas Exams 99 and Coursework Assessments 2000

Vacuum packing is when you tighten food to its maximum tightness so nothing can get in or out.

Part of the fungus: the lyceum

The fungus grows into the agar to look for food.

For a woman to become pregnant she must become fertilised. This is done with a male present.

The sperm is in a white fluid known as siemens.

After birth the baby is left with a scare called the belly button.

The foetus is surrounded by anatomic fluid.

The egg cell contains the base substance of the baby.

How can the fit person's heart pump more blood than the unfit person's heart?
Because in the unfit person there is less body to pump to.

How does the size of heart change if someone exercises regularly?
Their heart will slowly expand.

Why is one ventricle thicker than the other?
- to hold more blood
- more pressure comes on the left side
- to withstand the pressure of oxygen from the lungs
- the body needs more blood than the lungs
- it is more likely to be blocked

When a chicken is killed it does not totally die because Salmonella are still alive in its guts.

A chicken can cause food poisoning because there is a lot of dead bacteria in it.

The final site in the river survey had a high salinity level as opposed to the salinity of the other sites which were virtually non-existent.

These values were measured accurately using a 100 cm pipette.

Atmosphere is a way of keeping hold of the heat.

We kept the temperature in an incubator.

A greater number of readings would have given clearer results and fewer anomalies would have been present.

Room temperature will be left outside the incubator.

An enzyme has a group of atoms called the active side.

If we had more accurate pipettes, then we wouldn't be able to make a mistake.

Before enzymes are used, the digestive system is used.

I am not sure of the cause of the anomouly or whether it is in fact an actual anomouly.

As the food chain moved up, the toxicity increased.

Then they invented DDT, which killed pesticides.

Not all the oxygen breathed in is used. The rest is either stored in the lungs or discarded.

The blood carries air which is 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen.

Frogs lay frogsborn in water.

The calf had a parent which was a pure bull.

If the temperature in the fermenter went up, the microorganisms would grow out of proportion.

Steam is used to sterilise the fermenter
a) because it is organic
b) because bacteria cannot show resistance to steam.

Either way the water added to cool it would go up or down depending on the circumstances.

Arthropods have a crucible on the outside.

Amphibians can live both on land and in water because they have organisms which enable them to do so.

Q Why do mammals have fewer young than other animals?

A1 They are born for longer.

A2 They are born without an egg.

(Effect of pollution): Bacteria would have gone up due to organic matter entering the river.

Bacteria at the sewage works remove organic matter from the affluent.

A control test-tube is used as a measuring stick.

Homeostasis shows you are aware of your surroundings.

The water in urine is taken out to make up for the loss of water due to sweating.

When there isn't water in the blood, it is taken from somewhere else.

If you don't eat enough you will have malnutrition in your body.

Ladybirds eat aphids to stop them from eating the potato plant.

A balanced diet does not have more of one substance than another.

Water should be drunk to clean your insides out.

Only plants have vacuoles where nothing exists.

Lack of fibre can result in bowl cancer.

Antibiotics allow the immune system to relax from fighting bacteria.

Plans for pig diet experiment:
-give one pig nothing (no food)
-half should have food, half should go without
-give the new food molecule to one set of animals, not to the other

Farmers want pigs to grow faster
-so that they can be eaten before bacteria sets in
-because a fast pig will lose unnecessary fat

When two people have sexual intercourse, their chromosomes combine.

Biodegradable plastic is natural and is eaten by the soil.

Dominant always beats recessive, male always beats female.

The sex of the baby is determined by the amount of chromosomes and the temperature of the sperm.

Chromosomes are mixed together at the beginning then they spit and push away from each other.

A control field is
- where people control what is happening to make sure no insects interfere
- seen as neutral

Mammals may have hair and fur.

Vertebrates have a constant shape, whilst invertebrates have a changing shape.

Fishes' bodies are covered with gills.

This (classification) helps Biologists and indeed people to know what they are looking at.

Just because an invertebrate has no spine does not mean it has no bones.

On the other hand, mammals have hair.

Bacteria are soft and easily cut into two.

All animals with scales are not fish.

The eggs once hatched have to be self-taught.

Flies have a hairyish skin.
Flies have legs though because they have an exoskeleton.

Lungs put oxygen into the heart

Q Why did the tree ring increase in size in that year?
A The tree grew up from a baby to an adult

Q Why were the tree rings smaller in another year?
A Because animals were nesting in it
A Because its roots grew instead

Function of the uterus: storing babies before birth

Function of muscles: give us strength

Teeth break down food into smaller molecules to give a larger surface area.

In this investigation I didn't get any anonymous results.

Green plants occupy a large area of our plant.

In this experiment we used cress seeds because any seeds would do.

The fittest variety pass on their good statistics to their offspring.

Starfish are radically symmetrical

Advantage of having a flattened body shape (e.g. flatworms): if squashed, they can't get much flatter.

The neck is the home of the windpipe.

In the lesson we didn't get enough time to finish the human body.

One part of the heart pumps empty blood to the lungs.

One lung is smaller than the other because the heart cuts a bit out.

White cells fight oxygen.

There are about 700 red cells for every white cell. This is why your blood is red rather than pink.

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