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In sickness and in health

The symptoms of influenza are similar to those of flu.

Flu is spread through air particles

Drugs lower the immune system.

The immune system is easily weekend.

The disease will spread through areas where the population is higher or more dense.

Lignin seals the wound

Blood platelets gather at the sight of the wound

Cilia catch bacteria.

Cilia beat up bacteria from the lungs

Cilia beat up bacteria to the nose

Mucus pushes bacteria out of the nose by sneezing

Mucus is flicked regularly to the back of the throat by cilia

Tonsils act as a barrier to infection.

HIV is passed on by seamen

... Pulmonary ambulism ...

Multiple sclerosis causes lack of metal co-ordination

Signs and symptoms of arthritis: joints all rusty

Large amounts of fatty food build up in the arteries

High blood pressure causes a cerebral hemisphere in the brain

Tumours do not have a loyalty to a certain part of the body

On the graph the number of infections tailored off.

It is possible to predict if a child will have the disease so parents can decide on determination

The parents can decide whether to have children or not.

Effects of diet:
... There is also a much greater increase in young children

Why does the heart beat faster when you exercise?

Because you are going fast and blood has to be in more places quicker.

Blockages in the artery to the brain starves it of oxygen so the brain muscle dies

When you have a transplant, use your own blood to illuminate the chance of HIV infection.

Other precautions:
- medication to dampen the immune system
- lower the immune system
- donor's organs to match the patient's closely

MRSA precautions:
sterile nurses
take patients out of the ward and into isolation
make sure anyone leaving the ward is sterilised

... aggravation of platelets ...

Thalassemia is dangerous but preferable to malaria

The distribution of thalassemia and malaria makes it likely that people from these areas share sexual relationships

In arthritis joints may cease up

Why is vaccination for flu needed every year?
- because the flu virus mutates every year

High cholesterol levels block arteries leading to heart disease

HIV reduction measures:
education of the pollution
education of other ways to show affection than sex
increase the number of needles in hospital
reduce the number of children being conceived
always wear a condom
provide a means of defence, e.g. condoms
increased use of condoms between sexual partners
people should be given screen tests

Fibre is needed to work the intestine

Low fibre diets result in cervical cancer

Memory cells can catch the infection before the symptoms apppear

High cholesterol levels may cause myocardial infraction

By catching the disease early they are able to treat it

Viral infections fight off themselves

Mutated strands of bacteria may develop

Abstain from infected needles between addicts

Mild anaemia can be treated with surplus iron

The presents of foreign antigen in the blood can trigger a response ...

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