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Summer 2006 selection

No further change occurred due to increased morality

If stung by nettles, a doc leaf should be applied

We took the samples to the lad for analysis

The measuring tapes were not at proper right angels

These results gave me a degree in inaccuracy

An experimental checklist must be created insuring all the equipment necessary for the experiment ...

Riffles are characterised by a steaming flow of water

On the ground I noticed cheap faeces

Method: interruptive belt transect

I was hopping to get better results ...

... an ominous result ...

The entire investigation was full of anomalous results in that none of the results were what was expected

We will be using a quadrat to do a transaction across a footpath

Pedometer readings were used to test soil compaction

If the beetroot was very stubborn I removed the cylinder from the cork borer using a cork borer with a smaller diameter

The results show a strong colouration

I sieved the water out and re-filled the beaker

When conducting my experiment, I recoded an anomalous result

(When testing the effect of copper sulphate as an inhibitor):
I would repeat the experiment using just sulphate ions

To prevent other people coming into contact with (the chemical) I won't leave the lab unsupervised

Plant enzymes tend to denture at lower temperatures than in animal cells

My results suggest that the chosen minerals, when deprived, had little effect on the germination of cress seeds

I shall be measuring the clearness (turbidity) of the mixture using a calorimeter

I took the precaution of wearing a goggle and lab coat

I shall measure the size of the right foot of everyone in the sample for a fair test, as there may be a general size difference in opposite feet

Temperature rises and falls slightly after sunlight because it takes longer to reach the earth

Mayfly larvae swim above the water ....

I will grind the diced potatoes carefully and not spill it until it is mushy and runny

You must clamp the measuring cylinder in that position either by hand or using a clamp

I will seed the flask with a bung

... sleep depravation ...

ADH increases the permeability of water inside the kidney

- decreases the blood flow to the veins
- causes less blood to flow around organs such as the stomach

cod cells in retina

rods of ranvier

cone cells contain red blue and green pigments

salutary conduction

sodium gates will open and move into the axon

This causes voltage sensitive Na+ axons to travel into the axon

visual pigment - trypsin

There is a more heavily salted area of the kidney

This will repay the oxygen dept

(in genetic diagram) : gambits

Outside the pupil of the eye the colour is seen as black or white

ADH causes the permeability of the limbs to increase

This brings in a fresh supply of aerated air

Any other colour we see is when the wavelengths cross

Sorghum has an extensive route system

Urea can be a source of non nitrogen protein

Light has various sets of wavelengths which each show a colour if received

Colour blindness is when the pigment of a certain colour is unable to detect the oolour

There are 3 cones associated to each colour

Endopeptidases work on the inside

ADH increases the permeabilty of water

Microorganisms in a cow's gut can synthesise inorganic protein

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