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Every creature is split into herbivores and carnivores.

The sperm feralises the egg

Parts of the skeleton:

Why do temperature and sunlight vary in a similar way?
It takes a couple of seconds for the light to hit the earth and a couple of minutes before the heat hits the earth.

Example of an addictive drug: LCD

When you breathe out your lungs shrivel up

The left side of the heart pushes blood all over the body.

Why are there lots of sperms but only one ovum?
The ovum is bigger and is more painful to release

Part of the plant cell : the vacuhole

Precautions to avoid food poisoning: clean preparatory services

Malarial parasite: plasma sodium

Evolution is a theory which people change over time.

The urinal gentile system

Leaf litter organism: might

Testes hold the sperm in an oval shape.

Testes produce sperm of which there are two.

The penis is an intermittent organ.

The bladder is a bag which links to the penis which urine is stored in.

Roots weigh the plant down so it doesn't fall over.

Warfarin resistant rats pass on this skill to their offspring.

Bacteria - staphylocucoos

The geranium leaf felt fury before we boiled it

The octopus has 8 testicles

Disease - cowbox

The body uses more blood when standing up

At the start of the lesion we talked about the growth of plants

The optimum temperature for digesting enzymes is 32C

Without insulin the body does not know it has a high concentration in its blood stream

If it is not converted in the liver glucose remains in the blood stream as glucose

Bile emulsifies fat
Enzymes work more sufficiently at higher temperatures

The active site of the enzymes are not active at the lower temperature

Tests for proteins
The function of the myelin sheath is to insult the neurone

The muscle contrax and relaxes

The pituitary gland releases lager amounts of ADH

More ADH is secreted in some dessert animals

ADH reacts with Pi to form ATP

O2 and CO2 can be exchanged before entering the gills

The selectivity filter only lets through recognisable sodium ions

Sodium ions enter the axon and reverse the charges

High intensities (of a stimulus) correspond to high frequency (of impulses) because it is the only language that a stimulus can be communicated in

Channels open causing the positivity of the sodium ions to change the potential difference

This can be seen with an optical microscope as photons are small enough to hit the specimen

The light microscope is not strong enough to enable the naked eye to see this

The wavelength of light is too great so it would pass straight through

An optical microscope can see blow a certain size

Size of the pores in the membrane basement are very small

The pressure exerted from the xylem walls encourages the water up the plant

The column of water has a negative pulling power.

Ectothermic means an organism which will change its core body temperature to match its environment

Ectotherms alter their external environment in order to maintain a fairly constant internal environment.

An ectotherm has no core body temperature

To keep its body temperature, the python absorbs the sun

At a higher temperature, the python has an increased kinetic energy

Suitable units for O2 consumption: arbitrary units

This slows the heart down therefore the heart's valves won't know when to open and shut

Decomposing plant material in the water would produce more CO2, leaving less room for O2 in the water

This allows the 4 molecules of haemoglobin to be fully saturated

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