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Summer 2011 selection

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Parents and offspring may share curtain characteristics

Nitrogen gas from the air is taken up by nitrogen-fixating bacteria

Source of human forensic material: root hair cell

Nitrates are taken up by piano which are eaten by animals (plants mis-spelt)

Because we get 50% of our DNA from each of our parents it is semi predictable

The Calvin cycle occurs in the stoma of a leaf

The Krebs cycle in itself is cyclic

Hormones are specific to one cell - travel into bloodstream and get unloaded at areas that need them

Acetyl choline forms complexes with synaptic messages

All biological processes have an optimum temperature which is usually hotter rather than colder

Stomata open and close allowing water to enter

The lower surface of the leaf is involved in absorption - gas exchange whereas the upper surface functions to do with transpiration - loss of substances

Pear trees are fruit trees and so they are different from other non fruit-growing trees

Evaporated water rises with the warm air

When the pancreas releases LH it inhibits the production of oestrogen

Pre mRNA is MRNA before thymine has changed to uracil.

The nitrates directive has been developed to reduce the amount of affluent and nitrogen that flows into lakes and rivers

Animals in particular herbivores eat plants for example a cow.

In some countries people are lactose intolerant as the gland that produces the enzyme lactase has been turned off

CO2 enters the leaf via stroma

The 4 carbon compound is turned into a 3 carbon compond by removal of a H+ ion

Fragments at bottom of gel are heavier

Hydrolysis breaks down amino acids by the addition of water

More RNA is being used in translation and so is being cut up by DNA ligase

Explain the change in RNA between 60 and 80% of the time spent as pupa

Explain how the units [cm3g-1h-1] in the table for oxygen consumption by iguanas at rest allowed scientists to compare oxygen consumption of different iguanas:
When an iguana's body temperature is increased, its oxygen consumption increases because: Description of electrophoresis method on DNA fragments: Explain why the percentage of bases from the middle and the end part of a chromosome are different: Explain changes in RNA in later stages in the pupa: Explanation of phototropism: Why do farmers sometimes give progesterone to sheep to prevent ovulation?
It fools the sheep's body into thinking it's pregnant

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