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Summer 2012 selection

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Action of contraceptive implant:

Action of snake venom: Advantage of incorporating engineered gene next to sheep milk protein promoter: Advantage of fluorescence gene from jelly fish: Comments about graph showing 2 lines of points, each showing standard deviation: Reasons why very few live births result from many embryos that are implanted: Diabetic issues: Action of IAA:
Comment on electrophoresis results: Suggest how a bull is selected to increase the probability of producing cows with a high milk yield: Appearance of Huntington's
Lactose tolerance/intolerance:
Comment re development of lactose tolerance:
With water being scarce we may have drank more milk

Advantage of taking rectal temperature of cows rather than skin temperature: Random points

Barrow receptors ...The phallopian tube ...

White blood cells digest bacteria that gets into the blood to stop infection

Carrier proteins transfer sodium and potassium ions to either side of the axon

TB enters the body by being breathed in as tiny water droplets in the air

Bacteria are a unicellular organism, and usually live in colonies

Bacteria can pass on resistance to other bacteria.

The enzyme rubiscose is used in the calving cycle

Proteins are coded for by DNA when in triplets

Bacteria reproduce by horizontal transmission

Shapes are important in muscle contraption

Bacteria can change their appearance and move different antigens so a secondary response cannot take place

Vaccines are given before the person becomes ill so they are usually given when young

At lower temperature more energy is burned

In hot conditions heat evaporates off the skin

The sliding filament theory requires ATP to contract during exercise

The level of progesterone fell, suggesting no embryo was planted

Adrenaline causes glucagon to convert to glucose (glucagonosis)

Bacteria contains (sic) digestive enzymes which aid the digestion of humans and other organisms

Nitrogen fixation on pea plants is very useful as the plant provides the starch to the bacteria and bacteria provide enzymes.

Cows have thick leathery skin that heat struggles to travel through

A bacterium has a flagellum which aids its direction when swimming

Hospitals in many countries are host to numerous bacteria

The nerve impulse moves by salutatory conduction

Insulin used to come from sheep

Bacteria from a cow's stomach is used to make cheese

Water cools the cow when drunk

By decreasing food intake you enable your body to be lighter which causes you to lose more heat to surroundings and cool down

As your body temperature rises enzymes used for digestion denature so less food is needed as the stomach is already full

Energy is required for insulation

Food is used to produce energy from heat

More energy is produced from breakdown of fatty acids in the nucleus

This increases the amount of calories available to be burnt

The metabolic rate gives off heat when in use

Cheese is made from an enzyme from cows called chymosin

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