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Summer 2013 selection

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Stir the tubes equally - use a centrifuge

NADP accepts the final electron

Anomalies can be identified and removed or replicated

Carry out more tests using solutions with intermittent sodium chloride percentages [instead of intermediate]

The genetic code is described as degenerate because:

A codon is: A palindromic recognition sequence on DNA: Explain the increase in oxygen consumption at higher body temperature: Explain how the geneticist concluded that the couple were both carriers of the mutated gene.
They must have a gene missing.

Advantages of extra data:
This helps exaggerate any trends in the results.

Explanation of root growth: Effects of increased temperature on plant growth:
energy is not being made

Photosynthesis decreases and Suggest how the scientists arrived at their hypothesis:
They drew a line of best fit and extrapolated their results to determine the future

Introns do not code for DNA

Positive feedback is when a change occurs and the body of an organism enhances that change

Photosynthesis provides a plant with light for growth

As photosynthesis decreases the rate at which inorganic substances e.g. energy from sun is transferred into organic compounds such as glucose

An example of a parasite is tics.

Villi: small finger-like projects

The student had more control over light frequency than wavelength.

If the rate of photosynthesis is slower then less complex molecules are made.

Dry mass is the mass of the plant dead

The mass is dry which may mean there is less water in these plants for them to photosynthesise

A transcription factor diffuses through the membrane and binds to a premolar.

This changes the tertiary structure of the enzyme causing less useful substances to be made

Wales can also be used as an example of a symbiotic relationship

Capillaries contain myoglobin which carries oxygen.

Antibiotic resistance can be passed via either a horizontal or a vertical conjugation tube

Plants interact with the sun by moving towards it

Notes about microbiology investigations involving touching agar plate:
Put fingers onto the plate, then remove finger.
We did not use higher temperature in the incubator because it could be nasty and give us sour throats
We left the lids off for as short a time as possible so the bacteria didn't escape.

Myelination lines up the impulses

The hypothalamus sends impulses to the hands or feet to remove clothing

Water moves up through the plant due to transcription

Enzyme in the stomach: pectin

high moglobin

synaptic clef

ATP is used for active transpiration

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