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This information (below) represents publicity material originating from Marlow foods, aimed at the UK market. Although it has since been modified somewhat - the "myco = Latin for mushroom" being replaced by" myco = Greek for mushroom" - it has been through several revisions for the US market, and has recently dropped the reference to "mushroom in origin". Prior to this, Quorn™ has been described as"entirely natural" and "a tiny plant". However, it is quite puzzling that a special mushroom protein was discovered growing in a field near Marlow, Buckinghamshire!
Glowing Quorn logo
In 1967 the founders of Quorn ™
discovered a special mushroom protein
growing in a field near Marlow,
Buckinghamshire, which proved to have
considerable health properties, not least
because it was high in fibre and protein
but also low in fat.

Today this mushroom protein is
produced naturally and is available in a
wide variety of your favourite dishes.

As a good food company, we've always
felt that food has to do more than just
look and taste good, it should actually
do you good as well.

When mushroom protein was first discovered it was called mycoprotein
(myco = Latin for mushroom). The amount of mushroom protein varies
between different products. Please check the ingredients declaration
on each product.

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