Action of amylase on starch

The experiment is in 2 parts: (i) effect of enzyme on substrate (ii) solubility of sugars and starch


Waterbaths 1 x 37C, 3 x 100C
Plastic rods
Recessed tiles
Spirit marker pens
Boiling tubes
Test-tube holders - one by each water bath
Plastic medicine pots


Benedict's Solution
Iodine in KI

1% Reducing -sugar free amylase (ie Bacterial Amylase), half of which must be boiled for a few minutes to denature. - Make up total of 300ml giving 5ml of each of boiled and unboiled solution per working group, in small beakers labelled BAS (boiled amylase solution), and AS (amylase solution)

0.5% Starch solution - 150 ml per class. Make up the day before, twice the needed quantity as some will be lost in the process of boiling. (Boil for at least five minutes).Label as SS (Starch solution)

Starch, maltose and glucose powders, in small labelled pots with labelled spatulas - just one set.