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Experiments with yeast - 1

To show the effects of temperature on fermentation by yeast

Background information

If yeast is added to a liquid containing sugar and other nutrients, kept at an appropriate temperature [and deprived of oxygen], it will turn the sugars into ethanol (alcohol) and carbon dioxide.
{italics: experimental variables}

Suggested action

Each group to work as a team.

Individually, think about the problem and try to come up with a hypothesis about the effect of temperature on carbon dioxide production by yeast.

Try 1 spatula of yeast per 50 ml of grape juice in a 100ml conical flask, fitted with a bung carrying a delivery tube.....

Decisions needed:

1) How to measure carbon dioxide output - many methods are not practical on the time scale or not available due to other limitations (advice is available)

2) Varying temperature
- what range of temperature is sensible to investigate?
- what actual values of temperature to choose - how many temperatures?
- what method of temperature control?

3) What factors are to be kept constant (and how) ?

4) How to organise team work to gather results.
The same criteria apply to this as to other assessments, so it is important to research and justify each stage.

Results format

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