Science-based activities

Home-schooling or just general revision resources:

Mark Levesley worksheets

COVID-19 Themed Worksheets 20 well thought-out biological topics from Mark Levesley (UK-based science education writer, with an interest in Key Stage 3 and GCSE science education)

And actually as a result of this he has produced some COVID information for adults - 7 blog points so far.

Bill Burnett 'lockdown' videos

Simple Respirometer IGCSE/A Level Biology

Starch and Amylase

Kidney dissection video

Burning foods practical IGCSE Biology

Foaming Towers pH A more controlled version of the infamous elephant's toothpaste demo, showing effect of varying pH on the rate of activity of catalase from yeast.

Yeast catalase and temperature Investigation of the rate of activity of catalase between 20 and 60 ° C

Yeast substrates in anaerobic respiration.Simple yeast respirometers with 0.1M glucose, fructose, sucrose and lactose.

'Required' A level Biology practical activities

A level Biology Required Practical activities - 14 videos - from Biology Practicals and Revision Biology Tutor

Osmosis - Biology A-level Required Practical from Malmesbury education

Some excellent YouTube videos about proteins, DNA etc

featuring Dr Fiona Lane, Outreach officer from the National Centre for Biotechnology Education, University of Reading

Proteins part 1: The journey from DNA to protein. An A-level biology learning resource

Proteins part 2: From structure to function. Another A-level biology learning resource - includes references to DNA mutations

Proteins part 3: Practical experiment time! And yet another A-level biology learning resource - Getting jolly with the jelly

DNA Part 1: The structure of DNA and RNA and the exciting history of DNA. Another NCBE A-level biology at-home learning resource

DNA Part 2: DNA replication and how errors can become mutations. Another NCBE A-level biology at-home learning resource

Slightly simpler

Science at home! Sensory Science - Learn about the 5 basic tastes and how we taste before having a go at your own sensory science test.

Science at home! Why do apples go brown? - Learn about the theory of enzymes: what they are, how they work, and examples of specific enzymes.

Science at home! Why do oil and water not mix? - Be introduced to the topic of emulsions and emulsifiers

Science at home! Making Butter - Make your own home-made butter, whilst learning about emulsions too!

Other (American) stuff

I was sent this list of a few resources with 'fun and educational science activities'.
They are obviously American and I'm not sure exactly what age they are aimed at, but they look interesting . . .

A Simple Introduction To The Scientific Method

K-12 Science Experiments That Parents and Kids Can Do At Home

22 Outdoor Science Experiments and Activities

Rocks for Kids - 15 Fun Activities and Ideas

Storm Spotting for Children: At-Home Meteorology

5 Offbeat Physical Science Experiments for Beginners

10 Great Biology Activities and Lessons
These seem to head off into more complex concepts

15 Meaningful Earth Day Activities for Kids

Educational Activities You Can Do at Home from the Smithsonian's National Zoo

Recommendations above from www.thinkerfit.com

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