Biology AS and A level textbooks

Most of these books have been developed to support the specifications to be taught from September 2015.
The examination boards are keen to point out that there is not much difference in content from previous years, so textbooks may not necessarily need to be replaced.
Most publishers are offering separate books to cover year 1 of the A level (same as AS) and year 2 of the A level. Some have 2 volumes per year. Then there are revision guides, teacher packs etc.
I have set out the options under the various boards, but I have found that Amazon servers sometimes alter the layout ....

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Not board specific, but adding something extra at about this level: . . . . . . . Colouring

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This CGP book is designed to bridge the gap between GCSE and A level, and as such it is suitable for all boards.

CGP and others have also produced these books to top up on Maths (etc) for Biologists

*,**, ***: These come highly recommennded by Biotutors
*** * **

AQA Biology 2015-

CGP books provide an informal approach to the subject, and there is an impressive range available.

Pauline Lowrie

Collins' contribution (one volume per year): the more expensive Teacher Guide option offers "complete teacher support" - now available!

Published by Oxford, written by Glenn and Susan Toole

Originating in New Zealand, Biozone produce material with a different slant, in a one-topic-per-page format.

OCR Biology 2015-

OCR have two (2) A level specifications: A (content-led, flexible) and B (context-based approach), but A seems to be the more popular.


Hodder - last 2 now available

OCR A (Oxford)

Pearson are the owners of Edexcel ....

OCR B (Oxford)

Edexcel Biology 2015-

Edexcel have two specifications: Biology A (Salters-Nuffield) from 2015 and Edexcel AS and A level Biology B (2015).
Not all textbooks mention the A or B options.

Pearson : Salters-Nuffield (spec A)

Pearson : spec B

Mary Jones
Hodder : spec B

Hodder : spec B?

Colo(u)ring is growing in popularity, and some students will certainly gain something from this.

But there are lots of titles to choose from, and how relevant for UK students?
What colour are your mitochondria? Beyond 50 shades ...

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