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2008 selection

A stopwatch would tell you when the fermentation is over

(Reason for massaging a cramped muscle)
The sense of touch travels faster to the brain than the sense of pain

(Part of experimental plan comparing diets)
Take 3 groups of identical triplets ...

Action of the iris in protecting the eye:

Parts of a plant: steam - routs - petile

ADH tells us that we must not produce so much urine

Cactus structure: when thirsty it takes water from the stem


Comments on lynx & hare population dynamics: Alcohol is quickly absorbed ... so it cannot need chewing

Effects of fright: The plants roots are below ground and so they do not see light

There is not enough water in the dessert

Effects of adrenaline: go pail

Why does a father produce lots of sperm, but a mother usually only produces one egg? Why does the ovum have a food store? Why do all food chains start with a plant? Comment on sun's light and heat:
when there is less sun it means the earth is spinning

Colourfilm makes leaves green

Animals eat fruits and it grows out of the waist

Some herbivores only eat green plants

Why do cotyledons contain starch?
To give the seedling a kick start out of the ground.

Tar causes cancer in cigarettes

Effect of excess alcohol consumption: it damages your lover

In sweating pores of the skin are instructed to enlarge to release warm bodily water

Protein could not be digested any further than the stomach without enzyme breakdown as their molecules are too big

antidiabetic hormone

Myelination of neurons The Na+/K+ pump uses active diffusion

Evaporative cooling is caused by evaporation of heat from the skin

In vasodilation more blood is released through the skin

Lugworms in burrows under the sea: On the other hand
Lungworms live in the mud

Heat would not affect the larvae as their enzymes are not yet fully developed

Pepsin is secreted inactively in the stomach

Nervous control of digestion is by impulse

Evaporation of water creates a potential difference between leaves and roots

Bile is released to impulsify fats

The substrate molecule is complimentary to the enzyme's active site

In diabetes Taxis is moving in a directional manor

When food enters the digestive system nerves are stimulated and sent to the stomach

Heat is lost from the skin by transpiration

Plant adaptations to survive in dry climates There are more algae at the deep end of the sea

Protease enzymes work by removing peptide bonds

Dipeptides are broken down into peptides

Marine animal: the sea skirt

The hypothalamus is the part of the brian that detects change in temperature

ADH means less water is osmotically transported to the bladder

This process needs energy which requires oxygen to be synthesised in the mitochondria

When the muscles attached to the hairs are relaxed, hairs do not keep humidity close to the skin

Standard deviation

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