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Anatomical models (and charts) available online

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Models are very helpful in a classroom, lecture theatre or lab, and can be good for focussing attention on a topic. They lend themselves to a variety of hands-on activities.
Being 3-dimensional and perhaps able to be taken apart, they bring more to the subject than a book or a picture can!
Some smaller models can be useful with revision and learning at home, but these are sometimes not so robust.
I have also put in a few links to charts and posters

Amazon removed support for the smaller text + image links I have displayed for years, so I have replaced them with different links which bring up a variety of choices, some of which may wander away from the products I thought were suitable . . .

Each of these links below opens a new page with a number of products available online:
(In fact at the top of the page you can request other products to be searched for).

Human torso

Human skeleton / vertebral column

Human skull


Teeth posters and charts


Hand and foot

Head and brain

Brain charts

Eye models

Eye charts

Ear models

Ear charts

Human heart


Male reproductive system

Female reproductive system



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