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Yet more howlers

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Reproduction is when an organism makes more of itself

Asexual reproduction is different from casual sex

The action of the earthworms keeps the earth turning

The amount of gas given off should be measured not using the eye

If I was to choose one of the 2 sugars to use, I would defiantly choose sucrose.

We carried out this expirement to see how much air we breathe out...

Lung capacity - 3.5 letters

The lung capacity is bigger in a bigger person because they need more air around their bodies

Sexual reproduction makes the cells swim

Q Why does blood change colour as it passes through the lungs?

A oxygen makes the red show more easily than carbon dioxide because carbon is black and darkens the colour of the blood.

A CO2 dyes the blood darker than O2 does.

Effects of carbon monoxide:
Red blood cells can be reversed but carbon monoxide will not leave the red blood cells.

The glomerulus takes out the parts it thinks it needs to take out.

Homeostasis: the body's way of controlling the climate.

Less urine was produced on a warm day because:
- he was retaining sweating moisture to keep him cool
- sweat and urine are the same thing
- sweat is cool

Negative feedback is when the feedback does not happen as there is something wrong.

When wearing wet clothes on a windy day :
- the wind turns the wet into cold
- your body heat is evaporated out
- you may get ammonia

In diabetes the prostate gland does not produce any insulin.

Solution to a kidney problem: kidney transport.

Functions of a fermentation lock:
- to trap natural air inside the wine
- it ensures that excess air does not get in
- it ensures that wrong air does not disturb the process
- to stop the organism that is fermenting from escaping

Budding is
- when an organism has another organism growing out of it, which should soon detach itself
- when 2 bits fuse so they can multiply
- expanding its given load

Q What does an omnivore eat?
A both meat and vegetables
A carnivores

If all the greenflies were killed, how would this affect the rose bushes and ladybirds?
- ladybirds would weaken
- rose bushes would die because no one would eat them
- rose bushes would grow prettier and ladybirds would migrate to other countries

Difference between pyramid of numbers and pyramid of biomass:
pyramid of biomass can stay the same as it goes up

Concentration of carbon dioxide (read from graph):
350 million parts

Explanations of the greenhouse effect
- when hot air rises, CO2 gets trapped
- The atmosphere is made of CO2 and is getting thicker
- CO2 has thickened the atmospere so is letting less heat out
- increased birth rate
- spraying crops with insect repellent

Function of iodine solution when examining plant cells under the microscope:
to brighten the picture

Part of the microscope: thick tune focus

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